Following Directions

By James Toebes
I was going through a box of old papers. I found this that I had written so long ago.
I wished I had listen to this with all that life has thrown at my since this was written.

I was looking at the directions

that was in the palm of my hand.

And struck upon an Idea,

A really clever plan.

Instead of following the instructions

which seemed kinda confusing.

I would travel my own route

my own brain to be using.

I figured I could save time

taking the shortcut by the Lake.

So I headed off on my own,

till I slipped and my leg did break.

I heard a sound behind me

and looked around the rubble.

Then I saw the person headed for me,

Knowing that he meant trouble.

I cried for help and realized,

That no one knew I was there.

So the person kept on coming,

and left my pockets bare.

So I laid there in my anguish

and began to despair.

When I reflected on my circumstances

that left me get there.

If I had only followed the plan

that had been so carefully detailed.

I would be with my friend

not broken down and failed.

But suddenly my friend showed up,

and seeing my helpless state.

He picked me up and carried me.

But I told him he was too late.

I told him I lost all I had.

The robber left me clean.

He said it didn’t matter.

He had all I did need.

He cared for me and fixed me up.

And gave me more than before.

And now I am thankful,

For a friend like our Lord.

Now I know that Jesus’ plan

is safe and secure.

So I will not wander off,

no matter what the allure.