He Saves while I Nail

By James Toebes CC By 4.0

Image Laurance OP - CC BY NC 2.0

On the Way to Work Today

A driving Jerk got in my way.

My reaction was less than kind

The ensuing rage made me blind.

I little further down the road

He was crashed and I did goad

I felt superior and so smug

That I was not that thug.

I pulled into the parking lot

those events fading from my thoughts

I cut off someone to grab a space

eager to join the office rat race

My day was a blur

paperwork and so much more

a few shortcuts wouldn't hurt

nothing major, just a bit curt.

Heading home a bit too soon

But it was still well past noon

I had a few errands to run

While the sky was bright with the sun.

First a quick stop at the store

exceeded the express lane by a few items more

Then a quick cut in line for gas

You snooze, you lose I said as I passed.

Home at last from all the day

time to rest from the chaotic foray

What's on the computer at home

I don't think anyone will know...

As I drift off to sleep that night

I slipped into an intriguing sight

Each of my daily fails

was turned into a nasty nail

I then grabbed the lot of them

and a hammer appeared in my other hand.

At the Cross I found myself

Driving nails I could not help

When I was done, the nails were plenty

I could not believe my fails were so many

Then Christ made them all go away

and walked me into the light of a new day.

I woke with a sudden start

And knew that God had changed my heart

I realized that my life was not kind

The previous day playing through my mind.

God Sent this to my mind

Another gift from him to find

These thought will help me through

All his changes he wants me to do

He Saves while I Nail

Saving Me from all my fails.

Covering me with his love

In spite of all I've done.