Zoom Update

Scripted update of Zoom on a Fedora machine.


Zoom does not provide a standard Fedora repo for updating. To get around that, this script will check the zoom fedora download link. If an update is found, it will download the new version, stop the current version from running, then install the updated package.

Basic Usage

I leave my linux machine always running. I schedule this to run just after midnight. If no update, nothing happens. If zoom is not running when I unlock, I launch zoom as normal. If


1. Create a subfolder under the root home folder then place ZoomUpdate.sh there. You can use another folder, just update the paths.

2. Schedule as a Cron job with logging. The following entry runs every night at 5 after midnight.

5 0 * * * /root/ZoomUpdate/ZoomUpdate.sh 2>&1 >>/root/ZoomUpdate/ZoomUpdate.log

3. All versions are downloaded to the same folder as the script. Filename is changed to match datestamp.

4. Periodically review log to see update history


Script can be found at https://github.com/ToeJet/Scripts/tree/main/ZOOMUPDATE