Why Christmas really is Christmas.

By James Toebes

You have probably seen the emails, discourses and tirades discussing that Christmas is not a Christian Holiday. That Christians should not be upset that it get tarnished or changed by society since it is made of a plethora of other traditions. That it is alright that they change it and remove Christ from Christmas. When you take the time to look at these claims, it shows Christmas really is Christian because of these things.

We can start with the claim that Christ was not born in December. The biblical references point to a non winter birth. At the time period of the selection of the day, we had a largely agrarian society. Winter makes for a time when outdoor activities are curtailed. No planting, weeding, harvesting or distribution activities. The full force of winter may not have set in yet allowing people to gather together. By choosing December, it allows more people to be able to participate and enjoy. Inclusion is a very Christian quality.

Next, there is the issue that the day chosen is the Winter Solstice. A day used by other religions for their purposes with special meaning. If a different day was chosen, Christmas might be seen as just another holiday to celebrate. By selecting a day that confronts another head on, it forces a choice. Christ has always presented choices for us.

There is the tree, yule logs, decorations and traditions that have been incorporated into the celebration of Christmas. Many have come from other religions. They have been changed in purpose to become part of something greater. Just like Christ has accepted us as we are and changed us to be part of his Kingdom. From the vilest murderer to the wayward son, we can be changed into something that can benefit God's kingdom.

No don't get me wrong. There are some non-Christian elements to Christmas. Let's not get started on excessive consumerism and other unsavory aspects. There are Christians who back-slide or turn away. God has given us free will.

In summary, Christmas is a blessing made by bringing parts from all over together to glorify God. People will try to fight it or taint it as is our human nature. Just remember to keep the Christ in Christmas in your heart.

Merry Christmas All