James E. Toebes Sr.

I am a Husband, Father, Christian, Servant and Developer.
Hoping to master being able to do at least one well someday...

Technical Things

Account Free Android Device This is an experiment I did about building an account free Android device.
Yahoo Mail Forwarder Forward Yahoo Mail to another mail account.
S.O.S. Guide Simple Online Security Guide

Stuff I wrote

Battle Worn Angel This is a short story I wrote in 2002 about arrival in heaven.  Makes you think.
Following Directions was going through a box of old papers. I found this that I had written so long ago.
I wished I had listen to this with all that life has thrown at my since this was written.
Why Christmas really is Christmas. Tired of hearing that Christmas is not Christian. Think again.
Collective History This is a short story I wrote a few years ago. It explains the origin of the BORG and the Queen BORG.
Google Christmas Miracle How Google Stole then saved Christmas for my family.

Grab Bag

Photo ID Cards This is a little utility I wrote for Cub Scouts awhile back. It generates Photo ID Cards with contact info.
Resume The name describes itself. It is a simplified and incomplete survey of my history.
Math Cards A simple program I wrote for my son a few years ago.
Be Flexible It is amazing what you can do if you are 'Flexible'

Sites I have something to do with

Toebes Crafts My wife's wonderful creations.
Toebes Academy Home for my kids school.
Me on Google Site My Google site page. Not updated in ages....
Me on HPR Hacker Public Radio. Check out my submissions there.

Links to things I find useful or interesting.

Peggys Travel Events Good Travel Options for Seniors. Founded by my mom.
Daily Audio Bible Great Daily Listening
Fedora Great OS
Going Linux Good place to start with Linux
Mozilla Home of Firefox and Thunderbird!
Libre Office Great Office Suite forked from Open Office.
Planet Source Code A good place for programming help. Check out some of my submissions there.
Ubuntu Simple Linux Distro.

Organizations or Groups I work with

Sensus The wonderful place I work.
Civil Air Patrol Air Force Auxiliary - A wonderful organization that me and My daughter are involved with/
Occoneechee Council My BSA Council Website
S.W.A.T. Team Servants With A Tool, Inc. A Great way to Work!
Wake Forest COTN Wake Forest Church of the Nazarene - My Church home

Libre Office.org